Why your Dropbox alternative is not enough

Projects such as lipsync or SparkleShare are often considered as Dropbox alternative, especially by people who do not actually use Dropbox.

Unfortunately, we’re still not there yet.

Here’s why: most people usually always think of Dropbox as a syncing solution. But it’s more than that. Dropbox can:

I really hope that those project catch up, but until then, I won’t consider them as alternatives.

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I know it’s almost a tending topic when it comes to dropbox alternatives, but GIT can do all theses stuff, and I’m pretty sure some project already use git as a “dropbox” alternative (can’t remember which one)

Good to hear! I was worried I might have a hard time accessing your files.


@gigigan : I think you’re thinking about SparkleShare. It uses Git as storage.

@Foobar : I’m just as worried as you are. It’s just sad that there’s no real alternative.

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