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Designing for virtual reality at Sketchfab

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The colors of IKEA 2016

Every year, Ikea releases its catalog, with new product and new colors. I’ve selected some of the most interesting pages to extract the palette, and maybe get some inspiration.

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Designing for VR

There has been a lot of interest for VR lately. Oculus is set to release a final product in 2016 and Google just announced tools forĀ building and designing VR experiences at Google I/O. Virtual Reality seems to be very difficult to get right, and that’s probably why it hasn’t reached mass market yet. Hopefully, some […]


How to design a dashboard

Here is a simple recipe for designing a dashboard : show shiny charts have a dark blue-ish sidebar go flat Here are some examples from Dribbble :

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Productive webdesign workflow with Photoshop

This post is a collection of documents and tools that can improve your Photoshop workflow. It’s probably not useful by itself, but is a good place to start when you want to work more efficiently.