Setting up a WiFi connection on the RaspberryPi


I’ve recently tried to setup a WiFi connection with the RaspberryPi and encountered some issues: the connection didn’t start automatically and it wasn’t stable. I’m using an Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle, which is supposed to be supported out of the box with Raspian Wheezy (2012-12-16).

After researching the issue, I finally have a configuration that works reliably. Here are the steps I’ve followed.

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LetterPress is an addictive iOS game where you have to combine letters to form words. CheaterPress is an HTML5 app I built to help you find inspiration (ahem). The app was only built as a personal challenge. Use it responsibly. (And I promise not to use it myself).

The cool thing is how it works: you take a screenshot of the game (iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad) and you upload it. What you get is a list of matching words. I might detail how it works later.

The app currently works fine on desktop browsers but is still buggy on Safari iOS. The code is on github :


I presented ImageResolver.js during the last ParisJS meetup. ImageResolver.js is a small javascript library that tries to extract a relevant image from any URL. The lib runs in the browser and has to two design goals:

  • be extensible, by using plugins to support more websites;
  • save resources, by limiting the number of HTTP requests needed for image resolution. Some plugins make zero HTTP requests and guess the image URL right away.

ImageResolver.js currently supports 9gag, Imgur (widely used on Reddit), flickr (requires an API key) and Instagram. For regular webpages, it will try OpenGraph meta tags (popularized by Facebook) then fallback to HTML parsing.

Here are the slides of my presentation (in french):

Où sont les Vélibs ?

Cela va faire un mois que j’ai un pris mon abonnement Vélib. Traverser la ville à vélo est plutôt plaisant, il fait presque beau et la plupart des parisiens sont en vacances. Tout se passe bien, à condition de réussir à trouver un vélo. Si comme moi vous avez déjà consulté votre appli mobile pour constater qu’il y’a environ zéro vélo disponible dans les alentours (en comptant ceux en panne), vous vous êtes sûrement demandé :
Mais ils sont où ces vélos, bordel ?“.

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