Connecting mobile HTML5 to hardware

Initially, this article was supposed to be “How to add an external flash to a Firefox OS phone” but my project did not work out. The idea was to add an external light to the camera of the Geeksphone Keon, as it doesn’t have any built in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the project, here is […]

Review of the first FirefoxOS phone : the Geeksphone Keon

Following Palm’s trails, Mozilla is pushing its own phone OS based on Web technologies. Not to end the same way, Mozilla is betting on openness by allowing anyone to build FirefoxOS phones and apps. The corporation has also decided to start with emerging markets, leaving the western markets to Android, iOS, Windows8 and others. The first dedicated […]

Quelles solutions pour regarder des vidéos Youtube sur une connexion ?

Comme tous les abonnées de Free, je ne peux quasiment pas regarder de vidéos sur Youtube. Bien que ma connexion soit de la fibre, le débit pour lire les vidéos est catastrophique. Il suffit de voir ce test de vitesse fourni par Youtube pour se rendre compte que c’est inutilisable.   Comme de son côté, […]