Setting up a WiFi connection on the RaspberryPi

I’ve recently tried to setup a WiFi connection with the RaspberryPi and encountered some issues: the connection didn’t start automatically and it wasn’t stable. I’m using an Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle, which is supposed to be supported out of the box with Raspian Wheezy (2012-12-16). After researching the issue, I finally have a configuration that […]


LetterPress is an addictive iOS game where you have to combine letters to form words. CheaterPress is an HTML5 app I built to help you find inspiration (ahem). The app was only built as a personal challenge. Use it responsibly. (And I promise not to use it myself). The cool thing is how it works: you take a […]


I presented ImageResolver.js during the last ParisJS meetup. ImageResolver.js is a small javascript library that tries to extract a relevant image from any URL. The lib runs in the browser and has to two design goals: be extensible, by using plugins to support more websites; save resources, by limiting the number of HTTP requests needed […]