I create opensource stuff and like to build things on my own. See more on github. : Free job board for UX professionals in France


Parappli is a simple HTML5 weather app for mobile phones.


PlanMetro is a simple subway map for Firefox OS.


moonmoon is a simple php app for showing several feeds in one page.


Not all potatoes are created equal. QuellePommeDeTerre helps choose the best one for your recipes.

FullHN is a fast and simple app for reading Hacker News on a mobile phone. It runs off a RaspberryPi+S3 and works offline.

PHP Facedetection

PHP Facedetection is a pure PHP library for detecting faces.


ImageResolver is a javascript library that extracts the main image for a given URL. Think “Readability” for images.


TinyOctopus is an HTML5 puzzle game, with a (really) cute octopus.


Node wifiscanner is a node module that helps you list surrounding wifi hotspots. Useful for geolocating without GPS.


HTML5 app that Helps you cheat at LetterPress (iOS) with some basic OCR.

CSS color extractor

This app parses CSS files to extract the color palette.

Velib Dataviz

This dataviz is an experiment that shows how Velib bikes (bike sharing service in Paris) move during a typical day.

Mobile Lightpainting

Built during a hackathon, this HTML5 app lets you lightpaint in realtime using your phone sensors.


Built during a hackathon, this app is a realtime multiplayer blindtest game where players use their smartphone to interact with a larger screen (PC or TV). HTML5