Yep. That's me.

Maurice Svay

My name is Maurice Svay. I currently live in Paris, France. After 12 years as a UX designer, I am now focusing on building user interfaces as a frontend engineer. I like to work in small teams that create great products for end users. On my free time, I like to make things and write opensource code. I also like potatoes.


2018 - now

Frontend Engineer at Sqreen

My role at Sqreen is to build and maintain the dashboard that makes Sqreen efficient and easy to use.

2014 - 2018

UX Designer at Sketchfab

My role at Sketchfab is to do user research, define and design product features, implement features and collect feedbacks.


Product Manager & UX Designer at SmileWeCare

My role at SmileWeCare was manage the product development and design of a marketplace for nannies, housekeepers and care services. My goal was to help the founders ship an MVP for an iPad app and a web app in 3 months.

2012 - 2013

Senior Designer at Joshfire

In charge of a design team of 4 people, my role was to manage and deliver design projects for the agency. We worked on a large variety of creative projects: usability consulting, multidevice app design, connected objects, video, print and identity, website design.

2010 - 2012

UX Designer at BlaBlaCar

My role at BlaBlaCar was to build the best experience for the website, the mobile applications and the service. My mission included service design, user experience design, graphic design, datavisualization, front engineering, product management and writing specifications.

2006 - 2010

Lead Designer at Netvibes

My role at Netvibes was to bring new features to life, from ideation to implementation. My mission included graphic design, user experience design, frontend engineering and PR.


2005 - 2006

Master, Métiers de l'informatiques, spécialité Interactions Humains/Machines

(5-year degree in CS and HCI)
UPVM, Metz, France

2003 - 2005

Maîtrise en Science et Techniques, Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication

(4-year degree in Information and Communication Technologies)
UPVM, Metz, France (France)

2002 - 2003

License Professionnelle, Développement pour le Commerce Électronique

(3-year degree in e-commerce development)
IUT de Metz, Metz, France

2000 - 2002

Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) d'Informatique

(2-year degree in CS)
IUT de Metz, Metz, France

Talks & appearances

Podcast CREADS#3

Podcast recorded in April 2013.


Talk given at ParisJS in September 2012.

Hacking RFID with NodeJS

Talk given at ParisJS in February 2012.

Tester l'ergonomie de son site même sans budget

Talk given at Paris Web 2011.

Phantom JS

Talk given at ParisJS #10 in August 2011.