Designing for VR

There has been a lot of interest for VR lately. Oculus is set to release a final product in 2016 and Google just announced tools for building and designing VR experiences at Google I/O.

Virtual Reality seems to be very difficult to get right, and that’s probably why it hasn’t reached mass market yet. Hopefully, some people are working on it. I’ve gathered a few resources you’ll need if you want to build virtual reality experiences.

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LetterPress is an addictive iOS game where you have to combine letters to form words. CheaterPress is an HTML5 app I built to help you find inspiration (ahem). The app was only built as a personal challenge. Use it responsibly. (And I promise not to use it myself).

The cool thing is how it works: you take a screenshot of the game (iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad) and you upload it. What you get is a list of matching words. I might detail how it works later.

The app currently works fine on desktop browsers but is still buggy on Safari iOS. The code is on github :